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How to order an item
choose your item in the shop bar , click on the item and add to cart and continue shopping. If you’d like to checkout and pay, click on the Cart and click checkout ( pay with paypal) 


Payment /personal details

Your personal details are kept confidential . We do not keep this data and keep a high standard of security of any personal details forwarded.


For U.K Customers Delivery usually takes 3-9 days and the payment depends on the size/ weight of the item. Postage price starts at £3.30 and worldwide shipping price starts from £4.00.



Return Policy
 We do not accept return on items unless you can prove a valid fault with the item (image attached email) . If the item is faulty we can only offer an exchange and postage payment will be your responsibility. Furthermore products which are lost in transit whilst being returned to us will not receive any type of refund.
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